Deploying Your Token

Step by step tutorial on how to deploy a token using HustleBot. Use the following steps once you have your wallet connected as described in the GETTING STARTED section.

  1. Under Hustle Deployer click on Deploy a Token

  2. This will take you to new page called Create a Token

  3. Enter what you want your token to be called under Token Name

  4. Enter what you want the token symbol to be on the blockchain under Token Symbol

  5. Select what chain you want to deploy on by selecting the correct chain under Token Chain Drop-Down Box

  6. Enter the amount of total supply that you want to use under the Total Supply section

  7. Would you like to add liquidity on deployment- Toggle on if you want to add LP on deployment, leave off if you don't. The following options will be available once you toggle on

    1. % of Token Supply for Liquidity- Choose what % of the the token supply you want for LP

    2. Chain Native Token Amount to Pair- Choose how much LP that you want to add to your token. Minimum will be set to 1 eth on Ethereum and will be equivalent amount for other chains

  8. Would you like to add tax on transactions- Toggle on if you want to add tax to your token, leave off if you don't want to add tax "note- maximum amount is 10% on both buys and sells"

  9. Would you like to renounce ownership on deployment- Toggle on if you want to give up ownership when you deploy, leave off if you want to keep ownership of token after deployment

  10. Would you like to KYC with the HustleBot team- Select this option if you want to KYC with the team, leave off if you don't


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