📇Token Deployer Bot

Introducing our Deployer Bot! This is the 1st of many utilities in the HustleBot ecosystem. This bot is designed to make it easy for anyone to launch a token. Traditionally we’ve relied on contract developers or our own knowhow to launch tokens. Now, anyone that wants to launch a token can!

You may notice a difference in ease of use of this bot. Starting with our Deployer Bot, we have redesigned how we think about Telegram bots. You will notice a different type of interface from other bots on the market. This is due to us building our Telegram Bot on a web interface that is integrated within the bot making it easier and more intuitive for everyone!

There is now no technical skill needed to launch a token! All you do is connect your wallet and tell the bot what you want to do in a few simple steps. The bot will take care of the rest for you! Go ahead and jump in and give the bot a try!

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