Quick Sell

This feature is for users who want to quickly sell when the user finds a token they would like to purchase.

  • Wallet:

    • Cycle through which wallet you plan on selling with


    • Toggle On if you want the pasted Contract Address to sell immediately

    • Toggle Off if you want to a paste the Contract Address while watching the chart to decide how much ETH/BNB/Etc you plan to sell with)


    • Buys the token you have pasted into the text field with the amount of ETH/BNB/Etc you intend to sell with

  • ETH to Sell:

    • Input the amount of ETH/BNB/Etc you intend to purchase the pasted Contract Address you intend to buy with


    • Set the amount % of tokens you want to sell from your position

  • SELL 100%:

    • This will AUTOMATICALLY sell 100% of your position by selecting this

  • Settings:

    • This will take you to your main wallet settings page

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