Do I need to connect my wallet to use the utilities?

You will need to connect your wallet to the HustleBot in order to use it.

Is there any risk associated with connecting your wallet to HustleBot?

Connecting wallets to tg has become a common practice with bots over the last few months. Almost all bots have introduced connecting wallets such as Maestro, Banana, etc. It's not more risk than everyday trading. The most comfortable thing to do is only put funds you are actually going to use for the platform in your wallet. Everything else keep in a different wallet.

Is the bot free?

The bot is free to access however there are different fees depending on the utility that you will be using. See those fees outlined under each sub-section of the utility to be used.

How does the project make money?

The project makes money by collecting taxes on the token and taxes on the bots that will be used in the HustleBot ecosystem.

Who will cover gas fees for token deployment using deployer?

Gas fees will be covered by the deployment fee paid out by the user.

Is there a set number of max tokens that I can launch with HustleBot?

No, you can launch as many as you like!

How does Revenue Sharing work?

30% of both accrued taxes from the token and from the sniper bot will be given to holders that hold X amount of tokens.

Which chains do will be supported?

As of launch of our 1st bot, we will support ETH and BSC. More chains to come at a later date.

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